Chrishi Beach Club Nevis has established itself as a quintessential beach landmark since its inception in 2009.

The always buzzing lounge and beach side restaurant on the Zenith Nevis property are just a short walk down from the main road parking lot.

On the breakfast, lunch & dinner menu to be enjoyed, is a selection of food not to be found on any other part of the island.

Season: Year Around

Currency: USD & XCD


English, Norwegian, Spanish, German & French

Airport: Vance Amory Airport 10 minutes away

Phone Codes: Country Code +869

Power Outlets: 110Volts

Getting Here: 10 minutes from the airport

5 minutes from Four Seasons , (beach walk 20 minutes)

15 minutes from Montpelier, Hermitage and Golden Rock

2 minutes from Paradise Beach

Boat coordinates: 17° 20′ 0″ N, 62°45′0″ W