The quality breakfast, lunch & dinner menu is as stylish, as it is casual,

offering a full tapas menu to full meals. The extensive menu includes delectable dishes featuring signature tastes and spices representative from all over the world, including delicious salads, creative asian food, original seafood entrees and the famous Angus Burger, served at your favourite temperature with

our amazing shoe string fries. This is the sustenance required to titillate the taste buds until another drink falls into your hand as you wonder how lucky you are to be at such a destination. After all, this is Chrishi Beach Club!

Chef Arny will take you to the next level of Modern Surf & Turf Fine dining for dinner. He has created a pretty unique menu you can only see if you come see us.

We have a full bar with top shelf bottles. We have a wide selection of Rose wines and we have Prosecco and Champagne!

Dinner @ Chrishi Beach Club: Reservations are suggested!

Every Night 6pm-9.00pm

Friday Night Sunset Hour from 6.00pm @ The LoveShack Bar w LIVE MUSIC

Wednesday Nights w also have LIVE MUSIC with dinner swerving.

Bites from Fresh Made Lobster Tails & Rib Eye Steak to Spaghetti Bolognaise & Seafood Pasta. We also serve Fresh Catch Of The Day.

Don‘t forget Sunday Funday 9am-7pm W Dj Heddings Favorite Tunes.

Ask for copys of the menus in an email or Whatsapp . +18696623959